Victor Counted is a blogger, speaker, and ordained clergy. As the President of Counted for Christ Ministries and visionary leader of the Third Millennium Africa Project (operating as TMAfrica), his passion for healing hurting people and an Africa where innovation and sustainable development are commonplace are part of his life’s purpose. Through God's enabling grace, Victor is committed to tackling some of the frontier issues of life - the albatross of health, finances, and relationships, unity, and leadership - confronting the world, through inspiring people to live better! 

Victor exhibits an unwavering commitment for impacting personal and social change with an interest in examining the patterns, relationships, practices, and cultures associated with differences in development, especially as it relates to the relationships between “developed” and “developing” societies, and the intersections of religion, culture, and social identities. My research focuses on how millennials can engage the wider society in a creative bricolage, and leverage their fundamental features in developing healthy and vibrant solutions for brands, the church and society.

Victor has been known for lending his voice on major topics and conducting interactive speaking and training sessions designed for participants to take action. An avid blogger, Victor shares thought provoking insights on various topics which can be found in this Personal Blog. Victor is also the founder of “Counted for Christ Ministries”, a non-denominational ministry outreach sold out for healing hurting people.

Victor has authored numerous journal publications, and books including "Church in Cyberspace", "African Genomics in Review" and "Think Up", a co-edited journal with Dr. J.R.Miller. 

A leader among leaders, Victor is a recipient of the Leadership Excellence Award and Pace Setter Award, accolades received in 2011.

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